Our mission is focused on helping  students study Ballet abroad and become successful in their professional dancing careers!!!


Please understand, that we are a non-profit organization by paid volunteers. 

we will charge reasonable amount of fee for provide our service.


We have people to speak English, German, Chinese and Italian.

But please E-mail us in English at first.


📧 hanibaniservice@gmail.com 



I updated the report on the two job hunting auditions on the HBC blog! Please check it out!


New  Munich Ballet Job Audition Workshop

Grand Audition 2019 hosted by D&D production



New Finally, all details  are here for our First HBC Masterclass. Please click pictures below!

Our service

  • Free consultation for long-term/short-term studiy abroad and job auditions
  • Assistance for exam application
  • local support  etc...


         Working hours and time

         Monday - Friday

         U.S.A.time 9:00 - 17:00


Closed Saturday, Sunday and public holidays in U.S.A. and Germany


Ballet Schools and Countries

  • National and State Ballet Schools across Germany
  • Private ballet schools across Germany
  • Norway Oslo National Academy of Arts
  • Hungarian National Ballet School
  • Ballet School across United States of America




「HBC official blog」

On July 16, 2016, we opened a blog for supporting HBC. We will deliver ballet studying abroad information, auditions and local support. It's in only Japanese now, but I started to try write in English as much as I can. 


「Fainally today is tomorrow!」

Personal blog of HBC founder, Hanibani (nickname)  It is a blog I started with my diet in October 2005, but with the growth of my daughters, I am writing the life of our family.

I'm sorry,  this blog is only Japanese. 





I do instagram the most! and I post and put story in English and Japanese. so please check out my business account (@HBCballet ) and my personal account ( @hanibani68 )


HBC funder, Hanibani's instagram