We are a non-profit organization. Our mission is focused on helping Japanese

(or any Foreign country) students study Ballet abroad

and become successful in their professional dancing careers!!!


Please understand, that our coordinators and Local suporter sare paid volunteers,

we will charge reasonable amount of fee for provide our service.


We have people to speak English, German, Chinese and Italian.

But please E-mail us in English at first.


📧 hanibaniservice@gmail.com 



I updated the report on the two job hunting auditions on the HBC blog! Please check it out!


New  Munich Ballet Job Audition Workshop

Grand Audition 2019 hosted by D&D production



Our service

  • Free consultation for long-term/short-term studiy abroad and job auditions
  • Assistance for exam application
  • local support  etc...


         Working hours and time

         Monday - Friday

         U.S.A.time 9:00 - 17:00


Closed Saturday, Sunday and public holidays in U.S.A. and Germany


Ballet Schools and Countries

  •  National and State Ballet Schools across Germany
  • Private ballet schools across Germany
  • Norway Oslo National Academy of Arts
  • Hungarian National Ballet School
  • Ballet School across United States of America




「HBC official blog」

On July 16, 2016, we opened a blog for supporting HBC. We will deliver ballet studying abroad information, auditions and local support. It's in only Japanese now, but I started to try write in English as much as I can. 


「Fainally today is tomorrow!」

Personal blog of HBC founder, Hanibani (nickname)  It is a blog I started with my diet in October 2005, but with the growth of my daughters, I am writing the life of our family.

I'm sorry,  this blog is only Japanese. 





I do instagram the most! and I post and put story in English and Japanese. so please check out my business account (@HBCballet ) and my personal account ( @hanibani68 )

HBC funder, Hanibani's instagram