HBC Masterclass

We will help your dream come true!

The First HBC Masterclass 2019       Osaka:6/15 (Sat) 〜 16 (Sun),  Tokyo:6/22 (Sat) 〜 23 (Sun)


Price for HBC Masterclass  


New Japanese era「Reiwa」celebrate special price


【2days】      Scholarship Audition include Price  26,000円  $260


   Only Masterclass (without audition)  22,000円  $220



【1day】    Only Masterclass (without audition)    13,000円  $130


【Saturday】 Ballet lessons for adults(beginer 〜 intermedia ) 10,000円  $100


HBC member discount  -1,000円 -$10  for 2 days participate 


HBC Register  with application: registration fee 10,000 yen (valid for one year) → half price 5000 yen $50



 *We accept payment by Paypal, and bank transfer to American bank account.  



Key Highlights of HBC Masterclass


Affordable price

 HBC is a non-profit organization by paid volunteers, we worked hard to make this Masterclass happen and kept price affordable for students.


Various Scholarships  and opportunities are Available

 We offer a variety of scholarships and opportunities that's comparable with (or much more than)  other ballet competitions or workshops!


Live piano lessons with special guest artists

 Live piano lessons with world top class guest artists who have the right to give various scholarships and participation rights that lead to studying and working abroad.


We offer ballet classes for adults 

Saturday limited, 1 lesson by 2 special guest instructors with live piano !


Demonstration and Free seminar 

 After the final day's lesson, we will hold a demonstration for  family, and provide free seminar  of  studying /working abroad. 



Scholarships and Awards  


Invitation to the final stage of "Italian Dance Award 2019"


Date: 30th November - 1st December 1, 2019 

Place: New Orion Theater in City center of Rome, Italy


 Age: 12〜24   we offer  2〜7 invitations


This competition offers numerous scholarships, ballet job opportunities, prize money and more!

 Opera di Rome  Invitation for company audition in June 2020. (Age 18 and up in 6.2020)  

 Munich Job Audition Workshop  50%Schlarship in Februaly 2020  (Age 18 and up in 2.2020)


Acceptance and Scholarship for Year around program

 Ballet di Rome  Acceptance and Schlarship


Summer and Winter school Scholarship

 Ballet di Rome  Winter school 28th〜30th Dec.2019 Cource Fee Ful Scholarship (Age 14 and up)

 Ballet di Rome  Winter school   4th〜  6th Jan.2020 Cource Fee Ful Scholarship (Age 14 and up)


 Munich International Ballet School Summer school week2~3   50% Scholarship

 Bottaini Merlo International Center of Arts(BMICA)Summer School Cource Fee Full Scholarship


Short term Schlorship(with year program audition)

 New Zealand School of Dance(NZSD)   3 days Scholarship (Age 16~18 in 1.2020)

   Australian Dance Performing Institute (ADPI)   2weeks Scholarship (Age 16~18 in 1.2020)

 Benedict Mannigel Ballet Academy  1 week Scholarship (Age 16 and up in 1.2020)


HBC Scholarships

 HBC Special Award  HBC membership +gift (Age 12 and up

 HBC Italian Scholarship  Free local support at Italian dance award 2019  (age 12~24)

 HBC School Scholarship  1 Free audition application suport (Age 12 and up)

 HBC Masterclass Scholarship 2nd HBC Masterclass  Cource Fee Ful Scholarship 

 HBC Oceania audition tour Free local support  in September 2019 ((Age 16~18 in 1.2020)



There may be some changes in scholarships, but more scholarships are coming!!!



*If there is no applicable person, it may not be awarded.

*The above scholarships do not include accommodation and any transportation costs. 



June 15th(Sat) ~ 16th(Sun)




June 22th(Sat) ~ 23rd (Sun) 


How to Apply       


 Application period: 1st April - 10th June     Please use application form below.