HBC Masterclass Application form

Osaka:6/15 (Sat) 〜 16 (Sun)  Tokyo:6/22 (Sat) 〜 23 (Sun)


 We accept payment by Paypal, and bank transfer to American bank account.  




New Japanese era「Reiwa」celebrate special price


【2days】      Scholarship Audition include Price  26,000円  $260


   Only Masterclass (without audition)  22,000円  $220



【1day】    Only Masterclass (without audition)    13,000円  $130


【Saturday】 Ballet lessons for adults(beginer 〜 intermedia ) 10,000円  $100


HBC member discount  -1,000円 -$10  for 2 days participate 


HBC Register  with application: registration fee 10,000 yen (valid for one year) → half price 5000 yen $50


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